That's MRS Crocker to You

I was home alone one night for dinner last week, and so I made a Dutch Baby, a la Molly Wizenberg from her book, A Homemade Life.

Here's a quote:
'"Moll, you need two husbands,' Rebecca announced stirring a snowdrift of sugar into her iced tea. 'You can't expect one person to be everything for you. You need at least two. At least.' I nodded. She had a point. I have thought about it many times since, and I don't know that I entirely agree-so far, one husband is almost more than enough for me-but she did have a very good point."

Anyway the rest of the book is equally delicious in writing and so are the recipes.


Gallup Gal said...

I disagree. You need at lease two suitors, not husbands. Adoring men will be there to do whatever favors you desire. but won't be there 24/7. Who could ask for a better arangement than that?

sarsha said...


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