More Inspiration from the BoGar

Here are some more shots I took during the weird plant sale at the Tucson Botanical Gardens (or BoGar, as our friend Dr. Dan would put it).

I scout out plants for my yard, like these Moroccan cacti (never saw them in Morocco - our village was overrun with Prickly Pear, Agave, and Oleander). Sometimes I am also surprised to find something that is already in our yard, like this gigantically tall tree that looks EXACTLY like the row of demure privacy bushes lining our sidewalk. Doh! Guess we better keep those Glossy Privets well-trimmed.

I also totally adore the bizarre planters on the top shot. They just seem like weird for weirdness' sake. The texture is awesome and they're totally hand-built. Wonder if the artist gives ceramics lessons?


Gallup Gal said...

Great planters and pictures! Makes me wish I was there enjoying the gardens with you. I'd buy those planters in a minutes. How did you restrain yourself?

Is the house painting moving along or is it just too hot to be outside?

Cynica Jellybones said...

I'm beginning to really love desert gardens. Hope you can get something lovely started at the chicken coop house!

sarsha said...


The painting is s.l.o.w.l.y. moving along. It's not too hot in the morning!

I'm broke, so it was easy to restrain myself! Also they were more petite planters, and I'm looking for something bigger.

How are the cabinets coming?

sarsha said...


Funny that both you and my mom commented (she's a Jenny, so I had to stop to think hard about spelling).

Succulents are so trendy right now, that it's slightly ridiculous. However, given that I actually live in the desert (as do you Gallup peeps, high desert holla!) I will probably succumb.

And I want a lemon tree, bad.

Hope you're enjoying your summer! Don't let them send you somewhere miserable!

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