DIY Jeans Apron

Being of very little sewing talent, I thought of this jeans apron one afternoon while sadly contemplating a too small pair of wide-legged pants. Why not?

Step 1: Disassemble
  • Take a pair of pinking shears, or a sharp pair of scissors, and cut jeans apart at both inner and outer seams, leaving the band to go around your waist. (I like to use the back side as the front, as it has tiny pockets that can be useful)
Step 2: Reassemble
  • Lay the pants' legs so that they overlap in the front. Take some straight pins and make sure that the fabric lies as flat as possible. At this point, you can either sew on the machine, or take the no-sew approach. For a quick no-sew solution I stuck on pieces of velcro on either side of the fabric, taking out pins as I went. I then tied a ribbon around the front of the apron, securing it through the loops. The ribbon could work as an alternate belt if the waist is the wrong size.
So, this apron worked great initially. As the days went on, the velcro unstuck. I would recommend that you either (a) sew the velcro strips on or (b) take them off and just sew a new seam vertically along the inner legs. I can't sew, so my mom's taking a whack at it for part of my Christmas gift. I'll post a pic of how it turns out.

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