Ocean Beach - San Diego, CA

We started this morning off with a mug of Mexican cocoa each at Ortega's Cocina. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict and Pete got the seafood omelet. The salmon was thickly sliced and tangy under the hollandaise sauce, with a spoonful of green salsa on top of the tender whites of the poached eggs. The cinnamon in the Mexican cocoa was spicy and creamy at the same time. Bliss.
We then walked down the main drag towards Ocean Beach. I stopped by a t-shirt shop and bought two hermit crabs for my classroom. I'm so excited to bring them back for my students next week!
We drove down Highway 8 (east) and 5 (south) to Balboa Park. The buildings in the park are incredible: they look ancient, but were originally created for the World's Fair. They have since been turned into a series of free or cheap museums. Pete wanted to go to the Museum of Man ($10/adult), where we saw Egyptian mummies, Maya stelae, and felt replicas of almost human skulls. We then walked down to the free botanical gardens.
Tomorrow is more of the same, and we're looking for dinner tonight. There's plenty of great restaurants back near Ocean Beach.

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