Orange and Grey Holiday

So, another Saturday with my NWP friends. We were making holiday cards, and while some were sticking to the red and green theme, I was inspired by grey snowflakes and  orange and yellow buttons. This year is going to be festive with an orange tree from IKEA and DIY Pancakes - whoopee!
I'm publishing some pix so that you can see the card and tag making process. Really pretty easy. I used dark/light grey and orange card stock, a snowflake puncher and a tag puncher from Creative Memories, plain white cards and envelopes, and sticky backed buttons from Walmart.
I just created a factory: cutting, punching, glueing, for about two happy hours. Total zen-like moment.
Anyway, when I get home I will take a pic of the tree plus cards so that you can see how it turned out!

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