Cilantro Salsa

Here's my fresh recipe for Cilantro Salsa:

Cilantro Salsa (author's own)
Step 1: Chop-open-blend
  • Chop a bunch of fresh cilantro
  • Open a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes
  • Mix cilantro and tomatoes together in blender until uniform in texture
Step 2: Grill-chop-blend
  • Grill whole yellow or red onion in a cast iron pan (peel and all) until softened
  • Let onion cool, then chop coarsely into 3-4 chunks
  • Grill 3 cloves garlic whole for about 1 minute
  • Add chopped onion and peeled garlic to blender
  • Mix everything together until uniform in texture
Step 3: Serve-can-freeze
  • Salsa is now ready to eat, as is, with corn chips
  • Refridgerate in two 1 liter jars or,
  • Can in two 1 liter jars or,
  • Freeze in two quart bags

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