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Creamy Quiche in Homemade Pie Crust
Ancient Way Cafe's Specialty Meals
Cilantro Salsa

I’ve heard that on the Spring Equinox you can balance an egg on its end. This is because something having to do with the earth being exactly equal between day and night, or some such theory. Who knows if it works. But it got me thinking: Where do I find balance in my life?

This time of year gets me craving greens, and not just broccoli (believe me, we rely on a lot of broccoli to get us through the bare winter). Fresh, tender cilantro, blended into oblivion in salsa. Or baby spinach or green onions, folded gently into cream and eggs in a piecrust. I have also been known to have inescapable urgings to make large batches of fresh spring rolls and to eat them almost as quickly as I can fold them.

Besides cooking, the other way that I find my balance is by trying out new things. Just like the wind sweeps away the dust and leaves of last year, the pent-up energy of March makes me want to take on new projects. Some people just start Spring Cleaning. I start making Large Messes. One such completely absorbing task has been making my first quilt. Thanks to the lovely people at Gallup Service Mart, especially Lynne, Marge, and Carol, I completed a six-hour quilt in, well more than six-hours but in entirely less time than you would think. Especially considering all the times I forgot to put my foot down, sewed a strip completely raw side out, and came dangerously close to tears. Luckily, cookies were provided and Lynne was extremely handy with the seam ripper. For about $15 (plus material), you too can make an heirloom to snuggle under while the sweeping winds blow outside. Contact Gallup Service Mart @ 505-722-9414 for more details.
Sometimes it’s nice to go on a drive out of town. The Ancient Way Café has groups of ardent admirers (there’s even a local face book group!) who travel an hour or so south of Gallup to dine on fresh, local dishes. We enjoyed a feast of asparagus quiche (see, I’m not the only one!), mashed sweet potatoes, and adorable heart-shaped raspberry-nutella crepes. The kitchen will gladly create specialty meals if you call up in advance, and they serve a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and meat dishes. Contact Maqui @ 505-783-4612 or the Ancient Way Café @ http://www.elmorro-nm.com for more details.

What will I be doing March 21st? Perhaps balancing an egg on its end, or trying to balance myself on my head. Or, maybe, taking a cue from the wind and letting myself be led in a completely novel direction.

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