What is a Recessionista to Do?

Date Night!
Even with, or especially with, a recession going on, I find myself taking more and more delight in defying the sage advice to make my outgo and my income switch direction. I’m picturing some sort of Hoover Dam image, with someone yelling, “Shut it all off! No more gets through!” I wish I had that kind of willpower with my personal finances, but it probably requires a force equal to the Army Corps of Engineers just to staunch the constant flow of outgo.
Added to that, is a haunting sense of guilt over not balancing my checkbook. My excuse is that I can check my balance when I go to the ATM. I have to admit, though, that although my worry and my sense of impending doom have significantly gone up over the last few months, my real day to day life has not actually changed a whit. Luckily, I still have a stable income, I can cover my monthly bills, and I can excuse even a little overly vigorous use of the credit card as building my credit history.
As we all mentally and literally tighten our belts (less cash for the Snack Bar leads to less poundage, fortunately) I find myself falling into the trap of having to be this perfect person who subsists on beans. Not that beans actually make it into the pot more than about once a week, but there’s an idea that a true Recessionista would be able to make, oh maybe, a thousand things with lentils and rice.
I still think that most of the best food is found at home. However, there are times when breaking out the crock-pot and washing all those dishes is just not going to happen. So, here are some great options in and around Gallup, NM. (I've tried to include helpful info where possible, but as always make sure to check out the facts for your self, especially price-wise.)

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