Artichoke and Romano Spinach Salad

Artichoke and Romano Spinach Salad
(author's own)
Step 1: Wash and Dry
  • Wash and pat dry baby spinach leaves (as much as you want; I use about 3 C for two people). Place in large bowl.

Step 2: Gotta Keep 'Em Separated
  • Drain a 15 0z. can of artichokes. Divide the contents in half, and set aside for another meal. Separate artichokes into smaller leaves and chunks by hand. Add to bowl.

Step 3: Grate and Serve
  • Grate Romano or Parmesan cheese directly over bowl, evenly coating surface. Serve with oil and vinegar, or Annie's Natural Artichoke Parmesan Dressing if desired.

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