Three reasons to have have chickens and a garden (or to take care of someone else's for a week): fresh eggs and garlic scapes (that's flowers to you and me), yellow yolks for the salad, and yummy French toast.

We're starting the move in two days, from Gallup to Tucson, and I'm enjoying our last few moments in New Mexico.

I spent last week learning how to take care of urban chickens and enjoying all the fresh goodies from my neighbor's garden. Gallup is not an ideal environment for urban gardening, for many reasons, but he makes it work.

Our new house in Tucson has a chicken coop, so I'm excited about getting a Henny, Penny, and Lenny of our own.

Bye, Gallup! Hello, Tucson!


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Moving! Have a great, safe move and enjoy Tucson!

sarsha said...

Thanks, Jenny! I miss you already! Come down to Tucson and visit - just Facebook me.

Purple Nickel Studio said...

Mmmmm....Looks YUMMY! Maybe you should get chickens so we can photograph them along with you TWO! Would be so fun & unique!

sarsha said...

Great idea! Liz was telling me yesterday to think about *renting* out the chickens to model for photo shoots!

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