The Girls have arrived!

Queen of the Coop!
First bite...
First poop!
Mix one part laying pellets, 3/4 part scratch, 1/8 (or a big handful) oyster shell.

How smart are our bodies? Mine woke me up at six a.m. this morning, just so that I'd have time to make a pot of coffee before the Girls were delivered.

We are now housing five Golden Comets, about six months old. Once they start laying, that could be *squint*... five eggs a day. Too many for two people to consume every day, so I've got time to start strategizing about what we could do with the surplus.

Stuff I also need to figure out (soon):
  1. How often will they need their coop cleaned? (maybe a week? two?)
  2. Will I need to get a shovel, wheel barrow and rubber boots? (probably)
  3. How long will 25 lbs of laying pellets, 25 lbs of scratch, and a bag of oyster shell last? (hopefully a few weeks)
  4. Will I need another $0.50 bag of straw? (they've already pulled a lot of it out of the laying boxes)
And the big question... How long does it take for poop to become fertilizer?

They'll be staying in the coop for about a week, just to acclimate them to their new home. Then I'll have some pix of them free range...

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