The Worms have come! Part I: Getting Started

First, you line each shelf with wet newspaper.
Next, you add some red worms (about 200 here) with wet paper strips for bedding.
Then, put some food scraps on top...
And put down another layer of moist bedding.
Finally, place the lid on top. Continue adding layers of food scraps and moist, shredded paper. Spray with water to keep scraps and paper wet.

Since we're here in Arizona, the trick is to prevent the worms from getting too hot and dried out. So, even though the instructions say to keep the bin outside in the summer, I keep it in my kitchen. The next upgrade will be to get a stand with wheels so that I can move the bin outside easily when it comes time to empty the compost.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Gallup Gal said...

Pete and Sarah,

I finally figured out a way to know when this blog is updated. It only took two software programs and one new email address!

I'm glad you're trying worms. The compost from them is supposed to be the best ever. You might want to check ebay for a used dolly or suitcase carrier. Either one will move the bin for you and the bin won't have to stay on it all of the time.

Love, Mom

sarsha said...

If you start a blog on google, you can also put my link on your blog so that you know when I add new stuff - although it sounds like you already figured it! way to go Mom!


Gallup Gal said...


I didn't know that! Sounds a lot easier than my solution. I'll have to learn how to create a Blog page.

Ben and I have a request. Please photo all of the rooms and outside the house for us. You don't have to post them here. You can eMail us.

Love, Mom

Gallup Gal said...

I did it! My blooger URL is:

I posted a test message, but I still don't understand all the way how it works. We'll have to work the kinks out.

Love, Mom

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