House Pix: Part I

The back view: chicken coop to the left, overgrown cacti midground
Laundry room
Living room: not our furniture!
More kitchen: this is what Ikea can do with cast-iron pans!
Front porch: Pete assembled that bench! (Also from Ikea)

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Gallup Gal said...

Thx for the house pix. It's wonderful! I know the two of you are really going to enjoy your time in it.

I miss you terribly. I saw another girl who looked like you and cried for two days. I have to keep telling myself that I am a very fortunate woman to love someone enough to hurt so bad when they're gone.

Life in Gallup hasn't changed much. Lots of brutal crimes lately. In fact, last week someone knocked at my door at 3:00 in the morning. I was awake since I haven't been sleeping well and it scared me to death. Who wants in at that time of the day? No one meaning any good in my book of experience!

I sure am glad that I have a network of friends here. I'd be too scared to be on my own otherwise.

I love you my dearest. Send my love to that precious man of yours.

Love, Mom

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