Friendlier and friendlier

Emily and Jeremy hanging out on our front porch.
Emily at the Hari Krishna store finding a back-to-school kit that she likes (with toothpaste!).

So, hi! Haven't written in a while. Haven't really cooked in a while either (if you lived in a climate of 105ish degrees F you'd be looking askance at the stove too).

But, we have had a lot of friends passing through. So, hi again to Emily and Jeremy, and Carrie and Jeffrey, and hi soon to Michelle and Dan, and my dear Mom!

Tomorrow is my SO (Significant Other)'s and my THIRD ANNIVERSARY so today I am just counting my blessings. With any luck, we will have some adorable pix up for you of us in Tucson BoGar (Botanical Gardens, as Dan would say). Enjoy


1 comment:

Gallup Gal said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I have updated my blog page also with travel info for you.
Love, MOM

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