I'll Fly Away

Hi! So, writing to you mere hours before I leave for my flight to St. Louis, MO. My two excellent friends, Dr. Dan and Dr. Michelle, are there. I get to go to their baby shower, see an amazing local bakery run by a coop, and just experience the awesomeness that is St. Louis.

So blessed.

My students are occupied, right this minute, with my carefully laid plans to keep them busy as beavers (or honeybees).

I looked at the weather forecast for St. Louis, so I'd know what to pack, and it looks like around 70 degrees F. In Arizona, we call that winter. So, I'm packing two sweaters. Seriously. Those planes are always freezing, and the baby shower is at a hotel, so you know they're going to crank the AC.

Pete's staying home to take care of the chickens. Spoiled girls, they actually think they should have food and water every day.

Dan and Michelle are hosting me at their lovely, red brick home for three days despite the fact that last time I ruined one of their towels (This time, I shaved before I left, so as not to bleed all over someone else's bathroom. Michelle's an ER doc, she's used to blood, but still.).

I bought at new book from the gorgeous Antigone book store last night, along with a retro cardigan (for the plane ride - you thought I was joking, right?). The book is by the author of Wicked, and is called Mirror, Mirror. It features a corrupt Popedom and the Borgias - always fun (I learned everything I know about the history of the Catholic church from Dan Brown, author of Angels and Demons and other banned books.).

Anyway, shout out to my Gallup peeps: I miss you. Pete's not ready to even think about visiting again, but I've been pining for our Sunday brunches at the Plaza Cafe. And being about to walk everywhere * le sigh *.

By for now, pix to follow!



Cynica Jellybones said...

We miss you too! Come and visit soon...

Gallup Gal said...

My door will always be open for you!

sarsha said...

Thanks you guys! Very sweet.

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