Cheap Afternoon Project: Colorful Peace Lumieres

I took a break from my exhausting vacation schedule of watching Netflix and petting our new cat yesterday to spiff up our holiday decor.

A trip to our local dollar store had garnered me a package of brown paper bags and some bright tissue paper. I found electric voltive candles at Walgreens.

Lumieres are traditionally used in the Southwest to decorate the flat roofs and walkways during the Christmas season. We used them in our window to lighten and brighten our holiday decor.

I assembled the lumieres by folding the paper bags so that they had a cuff. Then I drew with a black marker the letter that I wanted on the cuff. I diagonally inserted the tissue paper into the bag, so that the longest corners poked out of the top. At night, I turned on a voltive for each bag, and then dropped it inside. Pretty by day or by night!

Total cost: about $7

Total effort: easy peasy lemon squeezy

1 comment:

Gallup Gal said...

Glad you're having an enlightened Christmas. Hope you and Pete enjoy thoroughly your time off. Waking up in the morning knowing that you don't have to go to work is such a delightful feeling.


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