Fancy Smoked Salmon and Capers Spread

Some people eat herring for good luck at New Year's - I prefer smoked salmon. If you put it out on a plate the salmon tends to go much too quickly to last until midnight. Layered with mustard-y capers and mild cream cheese, it makes an easy dip for crackers that looks straight out of a 1950's cookbook.

Fancy Smoked Salmon and Capers Spread

Step 1: Assembly
  • Find a pretty glass container for your spread - you'll want to show off the layers
  • Buy a small tub of whipped cream cheese (less calories, and more fluffiness), a small jar of capers, and about 4-6 oz of smoked salmon
Step 2: Layering
  • Take a regular spoon and scoop out enough cream cheese to fill the bottom of the container about an inch
  • Use scissors to snip the salmon into small pieces, cutting against the grain (so to speak, this makes it less stringy) and add on top of cream cheese
  • Spoon in 1-2 T of capers on top of salmon
  • Repeat until all ingredients are used up or container is full - feed leftover salmon to cat

1 comment:

sarsha said...

Oh, this is also delish heated up - Pete put a spoonful in my omelet this morning - just keep in mind that it gets salty!

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