More Friendly Pix

Michelle and a long-suffering Freida.
Dan and Michelle looking down from a hot air balloon painted on the nursery wall.
Simple and eco-friendly: Crib and dresser were used, but the dresser got a new look thanks to Dan's paint job.
Mark the baker casually posing by the oven that cooked Hansel and Gretel.
Glorious profusion - in St. Louis they call these weeds!

Just found a memory stick in my laptop sleeve with the missing pix from my St. Louis visit, back in September - wheeee!



Gallup Gal said...

Luv the "lost" pix. Michelle and Dan are such cute parents! Great impact from small projects. What a lucky baby to see their parents faces looking down on them every time they go to sleep!

I tried blowing out the eggs today. The shells were too thin, so it didn't work. Guess the girls will have to get a little older. Pick them up every once and awhile for me. It will be easier to get them to go somewhere if you can pick them up and carry them. Sometimes they're just not bright enough to get it.

sarsha said...

Dan and Michelle seemed perfectly prepared for baby Ella in that
(a) they didn't buy but barely anything
(b) they are both doctors and so used to no sleep and icky stuff

The girls are doing great, although eating up a storm. We went through one 50lb bag of feed last month! Whew! This time, I bought two bags. Of course, I make Pete carry them to the shed.

Danny Ray said...

Nice pictures! Ella's favorite part of the nursery decorations so far is the corner of the picture frame that holds the "Balloonist's Prayer". When we're changing her diaper she stares and smiles at the frame.

sarsha said...

That's great! Glad that Ella loves her new digs.

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