No Impact 2010

We're not alone in the Chicken Coop House in experiencing some worry about finances. Truth is, it cost a lot to relocate to Tucson, to plan our wedding, and to pay for daily life. One of those can be made better, starting today.
I'm announcing "No Impact 2010" (as part of the great No Impact Project movement, if you haven't heard of it yet).
Ideas I can implement in my life in 2010:

In the Classroom
  • Have students use the whiteboards/chalkboards more
  • Have students keep notebooks rather than loose paper for daily writing (they can continue on the same page, and write on the back)
  • Write student names on pencils and have them "borrow" their own pencil each day
At Work
  • Ride bike or walk to work
  • Carpool

In the Kitchen
  • Shop at a nearby Farmer's Market
  • Keep composting
  • Keep chickens
  • Trade or sell eggs for other foods
On my bod
  • Buy used clothes from Buffalo Exchange or thrift shops
In our (still empty) Home
  • Shop for furnishings at Copper Canyon or other antique shops
  • Hand craft items
For our *twiddling* thumbs
  • Cancel internet/wi-fi
  • Bike to public library for internet and books
  • Keep Netflix subscription
  • Crafting, chicken husbandring, shopping for second hand deals, biking, walking, and making more food from scratch should take care of any possible remaining boredom!

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sarsha said...

Just a clarification: The idea behind "No Impact 2010" is not just to save little ol' me some dough, it's also to do my part to help our planet. To find out more, just go to "No Impact Man"'s inspiring blog. Wealthy people are included!


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