Inspiration from Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a store in Tucson - who knew? Well, actually it was the hubs who told me, and who voluntarily took me there. He even suggested it, so there.
The styling in the store itself is totally amazing, on par with their gorgeous advertisements.
My favorite ideas that I plan on copying are:
  • chalkboards/labeling cabinets
  • tying kraft paper wrapped packages with ticking ribbon
  • mismatching kitchen towels/napkins and bundling them in a wire basket
So easy to do in your vintage kitchen, and completely on trend without being too faddish.


Gallup Gal said...

The chalkboard cupboards look great! You know that they make chalkboard spray paint now, don't you? Also, since cupboard doors get high use, you might want to clear coat them and just rechalkboard finish them again if you want to make changes. Great ideas for your vintage kitchen!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I have a lot of chalkboards for the wedding, too. I was thinking of using those on a wall, but I love the idea of labeling the cabinets somehow.

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