Cheap Afternoon Project: Cleaning Up a Classic

(The shiny and creamy after!)
(Before, bath imminent)
(Again, before, with Goodwill sticker still attached - $3.99 - steal!)

I Made It!

Actually, I just gave it a good bath. Literally. I have been stalking these cream Samsonite train cases online for months at Etsy, where they are available anywhere from $25 to $12.50 (plus shipping) a piece.

I found the case in a local Goodwill thrift store for $3.99, and with a quick scrub in the tub with a toothbrush (one we use for cleaning the wainscoting) and some dish soap I had it bright and shining white again.

I almost gave in and bought one that was on sale, which would have been about $20 out of my pocket. I couldn’t seem to justify a real need for another piece of luggage, other than to build up my vintage cream Samsonite collection.

My mother had something very similar to this. She called it her overnight case, it was red, but otherwise had little pockets and compartments just like a train case. She told me that she used to take it when she slept overnight at a friend’s house. Pete’s grandmother had one too, and used to bring it over when she stayed to visit.

I like that it’s just big enough to stash some toiletries, a pair of shoes, and a couple of paper backs. Add a change of undies and I could conquer the world.


Cynica Jellybones said...

It's very cute! You're so crafty. I've started taking your cue and buying things at thrift stores and etsy.

sarsha said...

Oooh! Etsy is so addictive.

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