Thank you, Modernhaus!

(The aforementioned upcycled rice bag. Yay, Pop-cycle!)

So, I was innocently perusing a yummy blog on modern design by Summer at Modernhaus this weekend that I found from a link on Apartment Therapy.

Her posts had me completely laughing until I cried and I couldn't resist the tongue-in-cheek You're Probably a Hipster If... series. I posted a few comments (being a crazy kid in the midst of this eco-consumerism movement) and the blog universe totally smiled on me.

She posted a super sweet comment that had me beaming and proclaimed me the Hipster winner. Yay! I knew all that hard work shopping would finally pay off!

It's funny, though, as I reflect on my pride in this moment. I grew up next to those crazy neighbors with the turkeys roosting in their trees and a goat in the back (all this in urban Denver, you understand) and now I AM THEM. Yep, it's the circle of life.

1 comment:

Summer said...

Wow-my rice bags don't look anything like that. And I definitely can't shop with them...
Thanks for letting me "out" you like that. Hey, isn't there a wedding in your future? Shouldn't we post your wedding photos on my blog? Sort of a "Where is she now" episode of the Hipsters piece??

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