What Do You Want on Your Tombstone, AZ?

(A red brick church with real, wooden shingles!)
(Too cute to stay away - love the many-hued purple trim and the vine-covered gateway.)
(This hand-painted sign almost has an Art Nouveau feeling to me, although the s-shaped curve to her body is a Victorian silhouette.)
(Tin roof and wood siding... *sigh*)
(A hand-lettered sign on the main drag through town.)

Last Saturday, we decided to drive to Bisbee. About 80 miles or so to go, with a dinner reservation at 6:30 and hours of more driving ahead, we gave up and went to Tombstone instead.

Not that Tombstone is unlovely. In fact, I took several shots of buildings that we didn't notice on our first trip there. It's just... we had already done the touristy Tombstone thing, including watching a gun show, buying expensive drinks, and walking along the Old West boardwalk.

I decided that I wanted to be the anti-tourist and photograph turn-of-the-(19th)century buildings and details that I would love to add to my farmhouse dream home. Enjoy.

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