Cheap Weekend Project: Pink is the New Black

(First assemble materials: water, 2 1/2" brush, 1" brush, stir sticks, primer (1 qt.), paint (1 qt., not shown), blue tape (1 roll, not shown), screwdriver (not shown))
(Next, tape up all edges, hardware, and anything you do want to get paint on!)
(Prime first: Start with the 1" brush for trim, then fill in with the 2 1/2" brush - Peel off tape immediately!)
(After primer is dry, retape door and add a layer of colored paint - Peel off tape immediately!)
(Already looking less like that Meth house!)

Pink is the New Black. At least if you live in the Southwest. And, while the entire Chicken Coop House is not being turned a stunning shade of coral a la Santa Fe, it will be getting a makeover (Project Gingerbread House).

Paint is not only pretty, it's simple maintenance. While the front door was in pretty good shape, the back was sadly peeling. I hated the thought of forking out over a hundred dollars just for a new, hollow core door, and the glass in the French door would probably increase the price. Tax credit aside, it did not seem right to throw away a functional part of our home.

For about $47 I purchased the supplies above, and had the entire project wrapped up in about three days. Not bad for a first time painter!


Mae said...

Way to go baby! I like your ingenuity. It's fun to complete small projects like this. It really lifts your spirits! By the way, the shade of pink is important. Your choice is perfect because it isn't typical, run-of-the=mill southwestern.

sarsha said...

Cute, nickname! Thanks for being so patient, too.

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