Cheap Weekend ProJect: Putting in our own Co-op

As much as we love the idea of joining the local CSA (community supported agriculture), we haven't quite gotten into it yet. Maybe because we always find ourselves procrastinating, or because the steep initial fee, or the thought of one more thing to do after work when I can barely see straight.

So, here at the Chicken Coop House, we decided to start our own co-op. First of all, the chickens kindly agreed to provide the compost... which then led to about a million worms moving into the neighborhood. Then, our local co-op downtown sold us tomato seedlings 2 for $4 (we got two pinks and two yellows). Finally, the local feed store provided alfalfa for 50 cents a bag, all you can shovel.

Really, it was a perfect storm. And while I was at the Home Depot picking up supplies for painting the exterior of our house, I also found an adorable Japanese eggplant, a yellow bell pepper, and a green "salsa" pepper plant with tomato cages and purple basil from seed.

  • The tomato planter was $8.50 without the cages and $8 more with (the planting instructions did not call for cages, but I figure support is a good thing).
  • The basil was $2.99 (fully grown) from Trader Joe's (we already owned one plant that survived the winter in our laundry room). Green onions were also from Trader Joe's and a last minute addition.
  • The rest was about $10 for the veggie seedlings from Home Depot.
Oh, and of course the circle will be complete when the chickens get the over-abundance of veggies starting in about two months. Update in June!)

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