Day One: Almond Pudding and Eggplant Parmesan Pasta

Not so sure that these two were meant to be paired but whatever. I love desert and I love fried and breaded vegetables.

The Almond Pudding was a snap and has a texture quite a bit like instant flan. I filled eight and a half little canning jars (I probably lost half to licking the spoon). It made a portable and non-messy snack in my lunchbox.

Breakdown for the Almond Pudding:
  • Just Almond Meal $3.99
  • Whole Milk (used non-organic but hormone-free) $1.69
  • White Sugar (had it in cupboard) $0.00
  • Cinnamon (had it) $0.00
  • Instant Coffee (used leftover brew) $0.00
  • Pure Vanilla Extract (used Bourbon Vanilla Extract) $4.99
Total for Almond Pudding: about $11

Will I make it again: Yes, especially since next time it should cost around $6 without extra for vanilla extract.

The Eggplant Parmesan is actually a favorite of mine, but is a little too rich to stand on its own. By adding two cups of robust noodles to it, Eggplant Parmesan Pasta is born. This neatly solves the problems of a) feeding my hungry Hubs and I and b) having enough left over for the lunch box.

Breakdown for the Eggplant Parmesan Pasta:
  • Refrigerated Roasted Eggplant Parmesan $4.99
  • Any Big Pasta (used Penne from the cupboard) $0.00
  • Fresh Basil (forgot, but am sure it wouldn't hurt) $0.00
Total for Eggplant Parmesan Pasta: about $5

Will I make it again: Yes.


Summer said...

I have to ask-do you put anchovy paste in your eggplant parm? An old friend of mine used to make the BEST, and she finally confessed one day that this was her secret ingred.!

sarsha said...

I would love to find more uses for anchovy paste! Sadly, I was not involved in the cooking of said eggplant parmesan - it comes pre-made.

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