Day Three: Eggplant Tostada and Mediterranean Lentil Salad

This salad/pizza combo is perfect for when it heats up, and the only cooking that you want to do is in the toaster oven.

The Eggplant Tostada is only a tostada in the sense that there is a Mexican food ingredient involved. I like to think of it as more of a little pizza. It's crisp, spicy, and delightfully fresh.

Breakdown for the Eggplant Tostada:
  • Medium Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas $2.49
  • Red Pepper Spread $1.99
  • Tomatoes (used Mixed Medley Organic) $3.49
  • Feta Cheese (used Feta Lite) $2.99
  • Parsley (used fresh basil from the garden) $0.00
Total for Eggplant Tostada: about $11

Will I make it again: Yes, this is my new midnight snack of choice.

The Mediterranean Lentil Salad is good for a stand alone entree or as a side-dish. It's hearty, without managing to feel heavy. And, no cooking.

Breakdown for Mediterranean Lentil Salad:
  • Steamed Lentils $2.99
  • Tomato (used a leftover Roma) $0.00
  • Fresh Parsley (combined with some fresh basil from the garden) $1.79
  • Lemon Juice (used lemon) $0.39
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (had in pantry) $0.00
Total for Mediterranean Lentil Salad: about $5

Will I make it again: Yes, this has summer staple written all over it. Also converts in the Vegetarian Hummus and Lentil Wrap easily.

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