New washer/dryer

(The before pic showing both washer and dryer wedged together)(The new washer/dryer combo - on wheels, Baby!)
(The old, now defunct, dryer venting apparatus)
(Popped out that easily - this may be a good future drain for irrigating the back yard)
(People who attending my wedding: Look at all that space! You don't have to suck it in as you go out the back door anymore)
(My dreamy, roomy view this morning)

I have now joined the ranks of people who love Craigslist. For $50 this weekend, a lovely couple named Austin and Vanessa paid me to take away my old washer and dryer. That's right, I found the old units a new home, got the 200lb+ monster of a front-loading washer moved for free, and now have a more open, easier to clean laundry space. (I would call this a cheap weekend project, but for the $900 and then some washer/dryer combo.)

The new appliance I chose was a compact washer/dryer combo from compact appliances. It can do both in one unit; don't ask me to explain, I just know it works. It's also ventless and portable (see dolly wheels), which means that I could hook it up to the kitchen sink if and when we decide to get the laundry room retiled.

Best wedding present ever.

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