Wedding Pix are up!

The band, Son y Sol, looking very cool.Showing off our... moves? First dance.
The chair.
Same chair with Pete on it, about to go up. You like heights, right Pete?
Lester getting down on the drums with the band.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the wedding reception. More can be seen at the link to Walgreens on our wedding blog. Enjoy!


shamaree said...

ok, this is probably weird, but i found your blog from Moernhaus on her hipster list, but had to comment. i am commenting because you lived in Gallup NM, which is very close to home (genetically speaking). my husband's entire family resides near and in the area. small, small world, i didn't know anyone outside of NM even knew of Gallup!

sarsha said...


Hey, thanks for the comment! Yep, we lived in Gallup for three years. Small world, definitely.


Summer said...

Hi darlin', is it o.k. that I have a little crush on your adorable husband??
You guys are a breath of fresh air...

sarsha said...

Aww, thanks Summer! You would have loved to see him bust a groove on the dance floor! We had so much fun, and we're still friends with our amazing band, Son y Sol.
I'd love to get you more photos, in case you were still interested in the hipster post (although I'm not sure how hip our wedding was!).

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