And the Award for Yummiest Color Names Goes to...

Behr Ultra paint, whose firecrackin' red Licorice Stick is the perfect pick-me-up for these two gorgeous, old farm stools.

I gently sanded the wood with medium/150 and then wiped off the dust with a wet rag. Once the surface was dry, I applied a thin layer of paint either in horizontal or vertical stripes. I then let the paint dry to the touch (I'm impatient, I know) and added another layer.

I plan on further detailing the stools with a soft white, and perhaps sanding off more of the old paint. I want the architecture of the wooden pieces to really pop, so that they accentuate the geometric squares in the crocheted seat covers.

Just in case your wondering, the Hubs picked out this amazing hue. I asked him his favorite color (red, of course), and while at Behr he chose the paint chip. We bought an 8 oz. sample size, which was not only cheap but more than perfect for this small project.

Next up is finding a (cheap) and colorful resource for wool yarn scraps that are long enough to put together some granny squares or a couple of rows of zig-zag stitch. Suggestions?

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