One Month Later - Check-In

(Baby basil plants sprouting up)
(Tomatoes at the beginning of April)
(And today at the beginning of May)
(One wall down, only four more to go)

When I last posted in April, you saw our veggie garden being planted and our house's exterior receiving a new coat of chocolate deliciousness.

Where are we now?

After that initial effort on my part, our tomatoes have done the rest of the work entirely on their own. They seem to love the hot Tucson sunshine and have even held up well under the recent windiness.

The purple and sweet basil is popping up.

The chickens got into the yellow pepper and Japanese eggplant, so there's a space for something new...

The onions are looking fat and juicy.

The remaining pepper plant has decided to live.

The paint went on great, but I've been scraping out decades old caulk with a broken-tip knife. Caulk party at my place! Anyone?

And, only four more weeks 'til summer break!

Whoo to the hoo.

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