Tucson Folk Festival

(This little boy pulled his chair up closer so that he could clap with Pete's music - so darling!)(Pete and our new friend Eddie, singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot")
(The most amazing puppet show ever - that's an Andy Warhol puppet!)
(And, they actually drew on the stage as part of the show)

Okay, so I want to go back to the Tucson Folk Festival next year.

This year's was sooo much better than I had anticipated. First, very little waiting. Pete was number three on the list and was hosting the first four performers. Next, the weather was beautiful and there was this cool breeze and lots of yummy fair food. Last, puppets. How could this possibly be better, I ask you?


Summer said...

He's so cute (your hubs), I would pull my chair up close too......

sarsha said...

Ooooh Summer, thank you! I'll tell him he has a new fan!

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