Cheap Afternoon Project: Privacy Window Film

(Please excuse that the first photo is sideways - argh! I miss my Macbook!)
When I walked into my mother's new apartment yesterday I immediately was drawn to her oversized living room windows.
The neighbors across the divide have exactly the same windows, which led to today's project: adding window film to the bottom half.
Yes, those are my lovely Mom's hands wielding the scissors and the scraping tool. She emphasizes that you need to spray both surfaces with water before sticking the film to the glass. This is not, as I thought, to make the film sticky. It is actually the opposite. By spraying water onto the film, it becomes lubricated and all of the bubbles can be easily pressed out and the film perfectly positioned.
The other way ends in tears, my friends.
Window film can be quite expensive, but the kind she used ran about $4 a linear foot. So, it pays to shop around and avoid the $24/foot variety.
As you can see, the house plants still get plenty of light, and now we can prance around in our bathrobes all morning in anonymity.

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