The Coolest Crib on the Block

I hate to brag about something that will kick up a brou-ha-ha, but I love these vintage cribs.

So much so that I recently purchased a 1940's wooden (and lead-free) vintage crib. From France, via Ebay *fanthee*. Ooh la la.

For our future imaginary child.

S/he may not be born but, by gum!, s/he's going to look fabulous.

(I did check in with both my mother and my adorable husband before buying - just to make sure that it wasn't too creepy. But, hey, I bought my wedding dress way before we got married. And it paid off, because I didn't have to go to one single dress shop. Similarly, I hope to avoid baby stores entirely - yuck!)

*ETA picture of re-painted crib above.


modernhaus said...

I want to see it soo bad. Did it arrive yet? Can you forward me the Ebay picture?
Not even the least bit creepy to PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN....just totally, totally sweet. And responsible.

sarsha said...


Sadly, it will be a loooong while. It's bouncing from France, to England, to Arizona.

I will definitely post pix. I will see if I can forward you the Ebay pic.

Thanks for the reassurance!

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