Plant Bling: Decorating with Jewel-like Colors

The Hubs and I both adore AJ's Market, not only for the low lighting, enormous deli section, and super friendly staff, but their plant section as well.

I've been looking for hanging planters for our front porch for about a year (since we moved in last June - Doh!). Everything seemed just too darned ugly.

These purple and green-toned sedums fit the bill by being both incredibly gorgeous as well as low (water) maintainance. I love their brown, twiggy baskets and the way that the rather monochrome (or duochrome?) pallet pops against the pale green paint on the pillar. You could imitate the look by densely filling this dark brown sea grass basket ($20) from Overstock with a variety of sedum from the Garden Sage ($15) on Etsy (My hanging baskets came in at $39 each, a total splurge!).

So, you can guess what I want to do now (besides finishing the brown paint, I know)? I'll give you a clue: those window sills are not staying red.


Gallup Gal said...

The house looks so warm and inviting with it's new coat of paint. It also doesn't show up as much thus highlighting the greeenery around it.
PS Gallup Gal has a message for you.

sarsha said...

Thanks! It needs a few more coats of paint, and I'm still working on the trim. It'll be gorgeous!

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