Twice the Tomatoes Bruchetta

In the summer heat I adore recipes that require no cooking, and yet are substantial. I call this mostly-tomato-with-some-beans-salad bruchetta, a topping for thinly sliced bread, but it could just as easily stand on its own.

Scooping the last drop of vinegary dressing out with a chunk of bread just seems more civilized than drinking it straight up, which I have also been known to do.

Unless you are in that happy state of having too many tomatoes, you will need to go out shopping. Everything else you may just find in your pantry, fridge, or kitchen garden. I improvised this recipe from leftover bits, so don't be afraid to add yummy substitutes for tomato like grilled squash, maybe some caramelized onion, or salty cheese.

Twice the Tomatoes Bruchetta

Step 1: Rinse everything
  • Pick about 2 C of fresh basil, wash in colander, and roughly chop with knife. Throw in bowl (I use my 2-quart crock-pot ceramic insert).
  • Open 15 oz can of white kidney beans, empty can into colander, wash and add to basil.
  • Wash 16 oz package of mini heirloom tomatoes in colander, chop in half with knife. Place in bowl.
Step 2: Make dressing
  • Peel one clove of garlic, chop of root end, slice into thin slivers. Add to bowl.
  • Guesstimate about half of a 3 oz package of sun dried tomatoes (Julienne cut, extra moist and ready to eat).
  • Measure 3 T of olive oil and 5 T of Italian Red Wine Vinegar into bowl.
Step 3: Let sit a bit
  • Mix all ingredients in bowl together with wooden spoon. Cover and place in fridge.
  • Bruchetta will taste the best if you can make yourself wait a day.
  • Serve with slices of fresh, slightly dry and crusty bread.

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