Weird Plant Sale

I walked to the Tucson Botanical Gardens yesterday, book, camera, and sub sandwich in hand. I like to sit beneath the shady canopy and enjoy the blessed coolness. As I turned the corner towards the main entrance, I saw that something was up. The parking lot was packed and people were walking over from the Fry's lot. I thought, wedding?

Not a ridiculous idea, since it's Saturday morning and we got hitched at the BoGar last February.

However, it was really the annual weird plant sale. Unfortunately, "weird" seemed synonymous with "cactus", so I was a little unwowed. Cactus in the desert? So not weird.

But I picked up some gorgeous tips for a southwestern style garden. The pale turquoise door, white geraniums mixed with dark purple plants, and a tall, purple sedum in a concrete planter.

I love our bright pink door, but this has me thinking drama with cool colors and contrasting vegetation.

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