Mission Beach, Newport Ave, etc.

(Pete likes this picture - I tolerate it because he likes it - marriage!)

We got up early last morning and headed out to our San Diego trip, with the requisite stops to get coffee and bagels, then a toilet, then more snacks, then another toilet, more gas/toilet, date shake, again with the gas, and then we were here.

We are rooming at the Point Loma Hostel, which has recently been redecorated and updated with marble counter tops and Ikea curtains. It's nice, and the dorm-style showers remind me, well, of living in a dorm. Only there aren't, like, 15 curling irons plugged in.

My two goals on this trip were to: 1-eat enormous amounts of seafood and 2-finish my issue of Bust magazine, preferably on a beach somewhere.

After arriving a little after lunch time, yet before I gnawed my arm completely off, we stopped at Ortega's cocina on Newport Ave. Two years ago we enjoyed hot and spicy Mexican cocoa here, and not a lot has changed. I ordered a cup of tortilla soup, and split a seafood burrito with the hubs (see, I told you I'd call you that!).

Then I wanted to walk off my food belly, so we went into a few shops (Wings!) and continued down to the beach. It was chilly!

Later, we returned to the hostel for nap time (hubs) and Veronica Mars (me). Surprisingly, it was 7pm by the time we got our act together for dinner - this considering there's no time difference from Tucson. I wanted to dine on the beach at sunset, so we raced up Mission Bay past Sea World to the Green Flash, where you see us dressed to impress above. There was actually about a 40 minute wait, but as we had been lucky enough to score a parking spot on the beach I wasn't too impatient. We just paced the boardwalk and peeked into more shops. It was still chilly, and there were still people in the water!

For dinner, the hubs had the brilliant idea of each getting fish 'n chips. I complemented mine with a glass of the house red, Pete with a double expresso, and then we devoured a slice of mud pie. Another fab option would have been the World's Famous restaurant, down the beach a walk. (I would not recommend Joe's, as it was discoball-alicious and looked crowded even for the relative level of crowdedness.)

This morning I'm sitting on the porch, while the children next to me sing loudly and run up and down. So, Nancy, maybe avoid the porch if you stay here. Next up: pancake breakfast!


Gallup Gal said...

You're a wonderful travel guide! Makes me want to be there with you. Of course, you got your love of travel from me, so that makes sense.

I hope you both end your trip with a basketful of wonderful memories and a thirst for coming back.

sarsha said...

Aww, thank you! It's a wonderful trip so far. I definitely got my love of travel from you, and with any luck they'll be lots more travel stories we can make!

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