Sad Day for MCM Fans

(Touring the kitchen in April 2009)(Close-up of the original built-ins, painted and with new pulls)

(Me in our tragically gloomy rental kitchen in 2008 - look at the flower wallpaper! There was fake wood paneling behind me)
That day in April 2009 that we first toured our future home I was so enamored with the original built-in cabinetry that I took something like five photographs of the cabinets alone.

The owners of the rental house on the corner have finally kicked out the occupants. It's much quieter now and the 2-3 extra large trucks that were parked there are gone.

On the way to pick up some butter, last Saturday night, I was witness to a private tragedy done to the corner house.

I saw the entire cabinetry pulled out haphazardly onto their front lawn, and a man viciously beating a door. Just to break it. And you can bet none of it will end up in the ReStore, or even reusable at all.


My friend Nancy suggested that there may have been termites, or the cabinets may have been really dirty. I just think the owners probably have no taste. They'll probably end up replacing it with something horrid, like this:

When they could have just done something cute like this (both photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy):
For more info on Mid-century Modern kitchen reno ideas that don't destroy the original personality of the home, look at:

AT: How to Restore Mid Century Kitchen's Original Glory?

RR: Should Nancy Paint Her Vintage Wood Cabients?


Gallup Gal said...

I love your 50's kitchen! It's got a great vibe in it. Many lovely dinner parties to come and relaxed Sunday afternoons. I'm glad you have enough sense to honor good kitchen design.

sarsha said...

Thanks, Mom!

I should really be posting pictures of your kitchen cabinets; they turned out awesome!

modernhaus said...

Marbleized faux-Formica countertops and yellow-toned oak Home Depot cabinets...I think these have been outlawed in the European Union.
Glad you like your current kitchen and hope you've got yourself a proper apron now that you're a Mrs. (you know, one that goes well with heels...)

sarsha said...


Funnily enough, my Mom actually made a couple of aprons for me as a wedding gift!

I love our kitchen and bathroom, which is fortunate. Even poor taste in remodeling is extremely expensive nowadays.

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