The Guest Bedroom

(BEFORE: Trying out new paint colors and fabric choices)
(AFTER: One coat Behr's Tuscan Beige, some Goodwill finds to hang on the wall)
(AFTER: Other side of the bed, with Aunt Roxana's sheep collection and part-way through painting)
(AFTER: Side view with rocking chair and stool)

I've decided to post some photos of my progress in the guest bedroom.

I'm trying to incorporate some of the Gallup accessories that we moved with us, although the little Navajo girl sand painting was a recent Goodwill (!) find.

What do you think?


Gallup Gal said...

What a cozy little retreat. Neutralizing the paint really set the pallet for light, bright and relaxing. I even notice the window more now. The side table is a perfect complement. Sheep are difficult to find a "field" to roam in. The foot of the bed works.

sarsha said...


I hope you enjoy it when you visit.

My goal is to have all four walls painted, so that you don't have to close your eyes while you're staying there!

It's already such a bright room, and I wanted paint that wouldn't fade easily and would open it up.

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