Knew Knobs

About two weeks ago, the Hubs and I got locked outside of our house. The door knob had just decided to stop working. Luckily we have another door we can get through and so I simply removed the defective knob.

I left the little middle piece in so the door would still latch without the deadbolt, but every time we opened it the middle piece pinched my finger. My friend Nancy and I went to our favorite big box hardware store and I bought a closet knob kit for about $22 (heavy duty, not a plastic cheapie).

Mom is coming to visit in a few weeks, so I decided to install the new knob today so that she didn't get pinched. The new knob works great; it matches the new deadbolt's finish and has a solid feel. Also, it has no locking mechanism so we can latch the door shut without being afraid of locking ourselves out.

Now I'm thinking about re-painting the front door... the pink is pretty but doesn't really go with autumn colors we have in the living room. Maybe a burnt orange?

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