Greened Up Part I

My employer gave everyone a four day weekend, so I took advantage of the extra day to visit a nearby shop: Adobe House Antiques. The building is a 1930's three room (plus closet-like bathroom) white stuccoed bungalow on the corner of what probably used to be the middle of nowhere.
I was somewhat directionless in my exploration, as our home needs more odds and ends at this point than any one definite thing. Out in the expansive backyard, I found a green wrought iron patio table with three chairs. It was instant love.
Since I knew the owner of the antique shop would be delivering the patio set and thus be exposed to my neglected back yard, I thought quickly of a few choice improvements:
  1. Repaint the back door green. It was still pink, but unlike the front door did not receive a new coating while my mom was visiting.
  2. Move and empty the planters. Ugh. Almost everything had died except two weedy basil bushes.
  3. Replant with hardy, cold and drought resistant pretties (that also retained some kitchen garden practicality).
So I got about half-way through and the furniture is being delivered this afternoon. Part II to follow tomorrow...


Gallup Gal said...

The back trim looks soooo much better in green. I love the shade you picked. It really perks up the place.

sarsha said...

Thanks, Mom! The update will be coming... any day now, really! And the patio furniture looks super cute.

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