Three Trends I'm Buying into

Although the pink/purple/red color scheme this looooong season has me bored to tears, I am excited by:
  • White watches. The ceramic version is expensive and supposed to be heavy, so I'm going for the resin *read plastic* one by Fossil. (My model does not have rhinestones, and is quite simple, unlike the one pictured.)
  • Jeggings. I bought a black pair from Gap a few posts ago, and now I'm back for more. So comfy! This is the perfect way to wear skinny jeans and not cut off any circulation. I could almost do Yoga in them.
  • Mensware. These tailored brown oxfords are classic, and going by reviews, easy on the feet as well. Just as soon as I mail back another pair that I didn't like so much!

1 comment:

modernhaus said...

Well hi there!!
Been a long time old friend!
I love those shoes...are they seriously comfortable? Tell me what you wear them with...I'm afraid they would make my ankles/cankles look ummmm, matronly.

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