Prepping for a Makeover 1

(Step 1: Aquire tools from hardware store. YHL recommended recently the light version of spackle, and I have to agree that it goes on awesomely. It says no sanding necessary but I went ahead and got some extra fine (love these sanding blocks!) just in case.)(Step 2: Start filling in holes on living room walls. So many holes... someone went nail happy.)
(And here's where a set of three wall shelves used to go... apparently. The ghosts of decorators past.)
(Finally more of those crazy wall cracks. These are more hairline, but there are some huge ones around the windows that I need to caulk. See those tape lines? That's actually where I was thinking of starting the ceiling paint color, in order to blend the uneven doors/walls/trim lines better.)
(My wallpaper samples from Graham and Brown came! See how the green complements the door color just beautifully? I'm just afraid that the motif is too big for my accent wall, but I love the way the blue looks with warm furniture in the ad...)

Come Rodeo Days (that's the Thursday and Friday of the last week of February to those of you not living in Tucson) my dear Mom and flying out to help me paint the living room a gorgeous shade of almost blue in Spring Melt by Martha Stewart. It's kind of a pale seaglass shade that is to replace the current fleshy beige - yuck.

I had a lot of holes to fill in, and some major cracks to still caulk, but so far it's been super simple to prep the room.


modernhaus said...

NO! Not too big! Go big or go home! I totally love a big, wild wallpaper print-it's such a statement and you, my friend, can pull of a statement

sarsha said...

Aww, thanks Summer! (blushing)

I think it's gorgeous and less cloying than most Amy Butler prints. Plus if I hate it, it is only one wall.

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