A/C in the Hoooooooouse!

(Remember the before? No? Well this is it. Note fleshy-beige walls and wall heater.)
(The hole in the wall where the heater was ripped out - up close for all the gory details.)
(More hole footage - for perspective.)
(And this morning, having been patched and waiting to painted to match the rest of the wall. Someday.)

Along with air conditioning, apparently comes heating too. But you'll understand if I'm more excited about the cooling half.

When the installation crew put in the brand new 3.5 ton gas pack they also ripped out the old heating system, i.e. the single wall unit that spewed out hot air in a 2 foot radius. This was what was formerly responsible for heating all 1100 square feet of our house. Now you know why we kept half the rooms closed during the winter. Brrrrrr.

Not only did we get a much needed heating and cooling upgrade, but that huge eyesore of a heater is gone now too. I hadn't understood the full impact of this perk until I realized: now I can plan for the living room without having to plan around the gray, metal box on one wall. Yipee!

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