Chair Tease

Breaking news: We have a rocker.

Here's a link to DaddyTypes.com so that you can see the original in all it's beauty. (Mine has fugly cushions but didn't cost the same as a used car. So there you go - win!)


Gallup Gal said...
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Gallup Gal said...

Looks comfortable for those late night feedings and taking time to just connect with one another.

Recovering the cushions could be an added bonus. You can pick a print highlighing the nursey colors and (if you don"t want to do the work yourself) I hear that dry cleaners will tailor the new covers at a reasonable cost.

Another useful idea is to get an extra yard of coordinating fabric (plus 1 yard of flannel fabric for the lining) and make burb clothes. A stack of them on the table by the chair will come in handy and look cute too.

sarsha said...

Excellent ideas. I hadn't thought of the dry cleaners... There's actually a local business that's a tailor/dry cleaners in town.

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