It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

... to buy an appliance.

We are replacing our 50+ years old Philco iron beast (said with affection) with something more plastic-y.

All together we got this new Frigidaire for less than $400 (including taxes). It's not fancy, but it fits our tiny kitchen, is affordable, and gets the job done. Plus, with any luck it won't just decide to randomly defrost, which happens to our poor, leaky behemoth from time to time (which is why we ended up eating our frozen wedding cake a few months early).

The fridge is dead - long live the fridge.


Gallup Gal said...

The new frig will be nice but, alas it doesn't have the same personality. Sorry to see the beast go. Maybe you can use it outside (with the door off) as a new flower bed. Seems a waste to totally let it go. (Crazy idea, I know, but could be crazy good.)

sarsha said...

I am sad to see it go as well - which is why I'm trying to Craigslist it before the delivery guys come. That way it can find a good home.

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