Nursery: Before (But Clean!)

(Now you can actually see that striped floor again!)
(The linen closet. I obviously need to go through my stash of fabrics. The door was unfinished when we moved in, so I stained it a natural shade to go with the ceiling.)
(The wooden ceiling is rustic and warm feeling. The previous owner didn't finish the white trim, though, Doh!)
(Optional paint colors, all by Martha Stewart from left to right: original paint color, Milk Pail, Rainwater, Spring Melt.)

I didn't really how very yellow this room was until I started editing my photographs! The new paint color will feel so much cooler and calmer.


Gallup Gal said...

You didn't ask for votes on the color choice. But maybe the most neutral (Spring Melt) with Rainwater on the crib. Very yummy and relaxing combination. I love your paint selections. Any of them will totally transform the room and be gender neutral.

sarsha said...

Thanks, Mom! I should have asked for opinions last week. I agree that Spring Melt is the best, and I'm painting the crib this weekend with Duck's Egg. It's gorgeous! You have great input and I can't wait until you see it.

Gallup Gal said...

I remember the crib color from the post on PeeWee Watch. It's beautiful. The rooms going to be awesome! I'll look for neutral coordinating bedding. No matter what you select for everyday, it will be nice to have a second set for wash day. (Babies are messy after all.)

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