Nursery: Crack is Whack

(This wall may have separation anxiety.)
(Close-up of crazy wall gap from other corner.)
(Why is the paint peeling off above this window? Mystery. Added foam to moulding and spackling to scraped off peeling bits. Will investigate from outside.)
(Insulation meets the wall. Not pretty. More moulding please!)
(Removal of anchor holes for curtain. Curtain rod to be re-located on opposite side of door.)

Oh, did you think I'd be painting the walls this weekend? Well, first check out the extensive wall damage. Seriously. I think I found a bird's nest in one of the corner cracks, and I swear I could see sky from the right angle.

My tools were some expanding foam that I had leftover from the external wall repairs and paint job, and a whole lot of light spackling. I pumped foam into the corners and even under the moulding in some cases where there was a significant gap, and then along where the insulation meets the ceiling. I spackled everywhere that there was a crack, no matter how hairline, for a smooth final finish. This light spackling is great because it takes hardly any sanding to remove any excess, and a little really goes far.

Today I'm going back in with my trim knife (just a serated blade) and some sand paper, then a layer of primer. These walls are going to be as smooth as a baby's bum in no time...


Gallup Gal said...

Shewee is going to be so much more comfortable. That room wasn't very climate controlled before. It added an extra week-end to your plans but the end result should be fantastic.

sarsha said...

LOL, She wee instead of Pee wee!
Yeah, that room was in pretty bad shape. I'm planning on adding a fan for the white noise and improved ventilation as well. We also have a non-hot wall heater that I'm installing for winter just for LO so she has an extra-cozy space.
Hopefully it's fantastic - I learned everything I know about painting from you! I will probably need your help with the moulding, though.

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