Nursery: Paint Budget

(Before: Gold walls with unfinished moulding)
(During: Choosing Martha Stewart low VOC paint colors)
(During: Mending small cracks with spackling and big cracks with expanding foam)
(During: Priming the walls)
(After: Painted with MS Spring Melt)

The painting actually went in two parts: first the initial planning stage, where I painstakingly gathered paint chips and then tried out the small sample jars on the walls, and then the execution stage, where I just went ahead and used the same color that I had in the living room (Martha Stewart Spring Melt). It's a super fresh and light almost non-color that instantly brightens up the room. I also like how my (thrifted) yellow Ethan Allen furniture plays off it without looking two competitive.

The planning stage ended up costing a modest $12.83 for 4 sample jars of paint: MS Spring Melt, Rainwater, Milk Pail and Feldspar. (I re-used these sample jars in my painted cloud decals later.)

The actual painting stage was still fairly inexpensive at $83.34. Here's how it broke down (not including the cost of moulding to be added later):
  • $0.00 Roller (already owned)
  • $3.93 Blue Tape (" but had to buy more!)
  • $0.00 Water Bucket (")
  • $0.00 Tray (")
  • $0.00 Purdy 4.5" Brush (")
  • $0.00 Kilz Indoor Primer (")
  • $5.97 2 Pack Mini-rollers (Awesome for Trim)
  • $3.98 Spackling
  • $1.38 Painter's Caulk
  • $2.97 Wood Glue (Broken Spindle on Cradle)
  • $8.57 Purdy 1" Brush (Cradle)
  • $11.97 Martha Stewart Feldspar Eggshell Interior, 1 Qt (Atrium/Hallway)
  • $12.97 MS Duck's Egg Semi-gloss Interior, 1 Qt (Cradle)
  • $25.47 MS Spring Melt Eggshell Interior, 1 Gal (Nursery)
Time-wise, this labor of love ended up being about a month's worth of weekends. Now that it's done, the final result seems so inevitable and obvious, and it's difficult to believe that I once obsessed over shades of almost identical blue-green-greys. That's just crazy love, I guess.

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